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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SkyFire on Fire ???


Most of us know, Its how hard (easy) to develop a mobile browser...especially people who had worked in IMode testing, can narrate a good story on that...

As we know, For a Mobile Browser we must have a rendering Engine, which renders HTML, Flash and Images in to the screen and so on, fact remains, its not as simple as tiny it looks.

I came across this SkyFire Browser, ( I have a Opera Mini in my Nokia E71, Symbion OS), and Its really won my heart.

To test its robustness, I did opened a big excel file using google docs, believe me, its really did loaded the document faster then I expected..

I had then watched some videos and so on, yes. its as good as Opera Mini and Apple Safari.

If you have a GPRS Phone and If you are doing still something on the Mobile Browsers, Download this as a test / reference application.

Link to Download it for free :

Its better that We test Our Browser Engine with Opera / Safari / Mozilla Mini and Skyfire.

I will vote for Skyfire !!! Skyfire Rocksszzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!

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I am sure, you will not kick me for my spelling and grammar mistakes hehehe...

But I will keep you updated, don't worry !!! I think this is a nice way to keep in touch with all of you my dear friends..!!!! Take care !!!!

P.S : In Opera Mini, you have to perform small hack to view hindi, telugu, tamil and kannada, malayalam text. I will let you all know in another post...

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