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Sunday, May 27, 2012


This Script searches for a Name / Username , more examples :

#!/usr/bin/env python

import Skype4Py

print 'Starting...'
# Instatinate Skype object, all further actions are done
# using this object.
skype = Skype4Py.Skype()

# Start Skype if it's not already running.
if not skype.Client.IsRunning:

# Set our application name.
skype.FriendlyName = 'Skype4Py_Example'

# Attach to Skype. This may cause Skype to open a confirmation
# dialog.

# Set up an event handler.
def new_skype_status(status):
    # If Skype is closed and reopened, it informs us about it
    # so we can reattach.
    if status == Skype4Py.apiAttachAvailable:
skype.OnAttachmentStatus = new_skype_status

# Search for users and display their Skype name, full name
# and country.
for user in skype.SearchForUsers('ravindran'):
    print user.Handle, user.FullName, user.Country

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Issue ADB command anywhere u want

To use the adb command, you need to always navigate to c:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools and run adb logcat or adb devices etc.

But a simple tips, u never need to navigate to the platform-tools folder manually. Simply add the platform tools path as your System Variable (in Environment Variables - u want me to tell you where is it ? :) )

Do that, and Walla, u can issue adb command anywhere in the command prompt and u never need to navigate manually.  If you dont have a PATH Variable already in the System variables, Create a New One. 
If this trick doesn't work, then add the same path in the User variables as well. U must be having the Path variable in the User variables. (u must have installed JAVA or Python right) 

If you are facing any problems, please comment !!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sikuli Automation on a E-Com Site

In Sikuli, you can automation anything on your screen. you can download Sikuli from here :

In Sikuli you can directly apply python code.

Its a best open source GUI Automation tool I ever experienced.

You can even automation Android Applications using Sikuli. I had posted a similar video in youtube couple of years ago.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mobile QA Zone

Mobile QA Zone ( run by my friend Mr.Anurag is one of its kind in Mobile testing Industry.

This is their Objective :

The Objective of this community is to provide online platform for
all Software testers especially from Mobile/Telecom domain who are
consistently facing need to have a platform for this new unexplored
domain. The Objective is also to provide Opportunity for all
Software Testers to explore this domain.

They also have something called "Tea time with Testers", another Interesting Initiative.

We are roam around there many times a day, replying each others practical mobile application testing problems. I even announced a contest & handed over PSPs to few testers.

What more, Just jump In and sign up :

Nokia Asha 202 - Comes with Nimbuzz PreInstalled

NEW DELHI: Nokia has launched its dual-SIM touch-and-type phone Nokia Asha 202. Sporting a 2.4-inch touch screen, the device comes with a 2-megapixel camera, music player, FM radio, Bluetooth and has expandable memory of up to 32GB.

The phone also comes with the chat client Nimbuzz for users to stay connected on-the-go. The dual-SIM Easy Swap technology in Asha 202 allows users to personalise their phones. With a dedicated SIM manager, it allows users to save information of up to five SIM cards.

Nokia Asha 202 is available in four colours: black and gold, silver white, dark grey and dark red. The phone is priced at Rs 4,149 approximately.

Nokia Asha 202 will be the first Series 40 device to offer exclusive EA games in India. As a 60-day promotion at Nokia Store, the consumers can enjoy 40 EA game pack worth Rs 4000 absolutely free. This includes popular and classic titles like Tetris, Need for Speed, The Run and Bejeweled.

Times of India :

Nimbuzz Developer Program

Chat app company Nimbuzz has unveiled its messenger API and launched a new initiative called Chat Buddy Developer Program (CBDP).The CBDP allows developers to build chat buddies across various verticals such as cricket, astrology, shopping, games, news, besides utilities such as ticketing, movie reviews, classifieds, etc.

“This initiative is expected to help brands, publishers and independent developers get access to the 90 million Nimbuzz users from across 200+ countries,” says the official blog of the company on the announcement.

Nimbuzz has collaborated with several brands and publishers to increase its catalogue of Chat Buddies. For instance it has tied up with IBNLive for news update, Cricbuzz for live cricket update, Twitter for tweeting from within Nimbuzz, Vantagetrade for stock updates, Wikipedia for ready-information, YouTube for searching & viewing videos, IMDB for movies reviews, Car Dekho for car prices and reviews, Price Dekho for price comparison and Future Dekho for astrology updates.