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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nokia N900 Vs IPhone 3GS


1. 3.5 inch touch-sensitive Vs 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen
widescreen display Multi-Touch diplay
Resistive screen Capacitative Screen

Resistive screen has the advantage of point accuracy. This is good for hand writing because unlike apple, nokia is a all over the world so it has to cater to differnt popluations and some people espcially the asians prefer hand writing recognition for their myriad languages. But capacitative has the advantage of being more responsive. Although it has its side effects, being that it cannot be used with anything except your bare finger. This is really a pain especially for the North east states of the Us and Northern Europe in the cold climates. You cant navigate well with gloves. Another advantage of capacitative is that multi-touch so it is very useful in games and other actions like pinching etc. As far as i know this is the only advantage of the iphone compared to the n900 and of course the other being the app store. But both of these can be expected in the near future with more developers flocking to maemo due to its open nature.

2. 800 × 480 pixel resolution @ 225 ppi Vs 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppi

This is one area where the n900 totally burns the iphone. Basically resolution means the number of lines you can see on the screen. For example most of the laptops are about 1280 x 800. Since it is very near to that resolution on the n900 you can view web pages just like on your desktop without much zooming and panning. You just open the web page and read no need to keep on fiddling with the text to read which makes web browsing very comfortable

This is included within the sales package. What you can do with is that you can connect your phone to the tv using those 3(yellow, white and red connectors). Imagine playing games with your accelerometer on the big screen. It is fun. And of course you can directly play the recorded videos, images on the big screen. Here again the higher resolution helps by displaying the video on a bigger size and better clarity on the tv.

4. Micro-USB connector, High-Speed USB 2.0 Vs C

5.Bluetooth v2.1 including support Vs Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
for stereo headsets

This feature is the same on both the phones. But with n900 you can send any file via the bluetooth. The iphone even though it has the hardware, deliberately clamps down that feature. The n900 supports tethering, meaning that you can use its data connection to connect to another device like a laptop. I heard even apple allows that these days... but also have heard that it is not possible on AT&T. So basically you cant do it on the iphone whereas you can do anything you want on the n910.

6. Integrated FM transmitter Vs None

An Fm transmitter transmits the audio/video out from the device into radio frequency. So you can tune your car radio into that frequency and listen to the media on the phone wirelessly. Basically this removes the additional audio jack going out of the device into the tape slot of the car stereo. This is a great advantage for car owners. Since i do not have a tape player in my car i use a stand alone fm transmitter. The biggest problem i have with the stand alone transmitter is that it takes the charging port in my car and so i cannot charge my phone. Now no more wires and i can use the charging port to charge my phone while the fm transmitter does its thing.Although it is not listed there i assume there is also fm receiver also. You can listen to the local radio stations and also the fm reciever could be use for traffic updates to your maps application.

7. Up to 1GB of application memory Vs 256 mb only
(256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory)

The main advantage is that you could use your swap memory to open many applications simultaneously. Wheras in the iphone you have to have only one application at one time except for the phone and audio applications. This is just like your desktop. You can open any no. of applications and just switch between them. For example on the iphone if you are instant messaging some one and you want to just check something on the browser, the moment you press the browser window you are logged out of the chat. On the n900 everything is open and you are still logged in and you get a notification when you get an Im. You just need to switch widows and select what you want to do.

8. 32 GB internal storage Vs 16GB or 32GB flash drive
Up to 16 GB of additional storage None
with an external microSD card

9. Full QWERTY tactile keyboard Vs Only on-screen keyboard.
Full QWERTY onscreen keyboard

This is a very big win for the n900.

10. Quad-band GSM EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 Vs UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) WCDMA 900/1700/2100 MHz GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

11. Integrated hands-free stereo speakers Vs Mono speaker

Stereo speakers means that there are 2 speakers on both sides of the device giving a more comprehensive sound. Since there are 2 speakers it is great for listening to songs in a group and also podcasts and videos just like you would listen to stereo speakers on your tv or laptop. The sound also should be very loud and more importantly more clear.

12. Internet calling Vs None

This means voip calls can be made using the n900. For example skype, gtalk etc. This can considerably reduce the money spent on international calling. Even the iphone has gtalk and skype but the major problem is with multi tasking. If you are on a skype call you cannot use the phone for anything else. Infact if you are waiting for a skype/gtalk call you have to keep the app open and not try to open any other part of the phone. On the n900 you can just keep them open while you do your work and you will be notified of a call or im when you get it.Also there is a webcam for video calls. I could make phone to phone video calling if the other person is on gtalk on another n900. Full video calling will be soon coming.

13. Maemo browser powered by Mozilla technology Vs Safari without flash.
Adobe Flash™ 9.4 support

14. Pre-loaded Ovi Maps application Vs None

15. 5 megapixel camera (2584 × 1938 pixels) Vs # 3 megapixels Autofocus
CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens
3 × digital zoom
Dual LED flash

Here again there is really no comparison. The dual led helps to capture good clarity photos even in low light conditions. I dont know if there is zoom on the iphone but the n900 has 3x digital zoom. Then there is photo tagging which is useful for tagging pictures.

16. Video recording at up to 848 × 480 pixels Vs VGA(640x480) up to 30 fps with audio
(WVGA) and up to 25fps

The n900 records at a higher resolution although the fps is low.

17. Video playback file formats: Vs Cannot play wmv, .avi formats.
.mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp;
codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263

Since maemo is open source you could install mplayer for free and play additional formats like divx, flv and other formats. Iphone can play only a few apple supported formats. This is a big deal because most of the videos can be downloaded from the internet directly and played without any conversion. Unfortunately for the iphone you cannot save the videos directly. You need to save them using your pc then convert them and transfer them for later viewing. This is a PITA!

18. Background pictures Vs None.

Since the n900 has a panoromic desktops with support upto 4 active desktops, you could have different cool backgroud wallpapers for each desktop. Since the app icons are always present on the iphone there is really no use of the desktop and you can only have one desktop wall paper.

19. Widgets on your desktops Vs None

Widgets are really good for real time updates. You can have as many widgets as you want on mutliple desktops. you can have gtalk widget with real time online status. Rss widget with real time updates, internet radio widget, weather widget etc. Widget help you check the latest updates without opening the application. for example if you need to check what are your upcoming applications.... on the iphone you have to go into the calender application and then check it... wheras on the n900 you just have a glance at your desktop and you see your calender. This is very useful.

20. Intelligent contact shortcuts Vs None

Here again you can directly place a contact on one of your desktops and with one single click you can call or email the contact. Wheras in the iphone you have to go to contacts ans locate the contact and then initaite the call. Same goes for sending an email or sms or internet call.

21. PDF reader Vs Safari handles pdf

22. Sketch Application Vs None

23. Removable Battery Vs Non removable

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nokia 5800 Vs LG KP500

We had been to Arendal and just trying to do some shopping. No Surprise, I am in a mobile store, trying to check out the new deals.

I had seen some Norwegion Kr 1/- Deals. Just pay 1/- and pay monthly 125 Kr, Isn't that wonderful, kind of deals.

Two phones deligeted me with their nice design. Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic and LG KP 500 Cookie. I didn't worry about anything much, and wanted to buy the LG one, as you all know, I have my basic passion towards LG.

My Wife looked at me phones once, Grr. but She didn't denied LG, a black sleek nice phone, we opted for that. They asked my National ID or Bank Card, I Provided them One, and they asked me to Collect the phone after 2 days.

Back home, I was trying to google about the phones and I did a big mistake, by ignoring Nokia 5800. Yes, both are coming to my hand for the same price tag (per month), but I really need an Amazing Gadget like 5800.

Lets see, by Choosing LG, what are the things I am missing. before that, what is smiler between them. fact here is, I even hate IPhone, becos it does not got Java, and its not having FM Radio and no Card slot in it. Oke lest see, what the deal.

- 1 Kr The Deal from the Shop
- Touch Screen
- Lightweight and and a great look and Feel
- Java and Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
- Bluetooth
- Generic SD Memory Card ( I denied Sony Ericsson, just becos they are pushing me to use the M2 Memory Card provided only by Sony, not the Micro SD.)

What Nokia 5800 Got Best:

- WLAN 802.11 b/g Chipset - UPnP technology
- Assisted GPS (a-gps)
- Carl Zeiss optics 3.15 Camera
- 3G HSDPA with 3.6 MBPS Downloading Speed
- Practically unlimited entries and fields of Phonebook memory
- 81 MB mega storage with an Updateable 16GB SD Card (8GB included)
- Ultimate ARM 11 369 MHz processor
- RSS feeds in the Browser
- Regional Language Display with UTF
- Handwriting recognition
- Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off

I realized that, Skipping nokia is a sin against the technology and the effort they put in to bring up such an amazing phone to the market for an affordable prize.

Guess what ?, I am not going to buy LG. I am going to take up the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nokia N97 Vs Sony Ericsson XPeria X1

Have a Look at the GSM Arena Information Page on XPeria X1, Click Here...

Have a Look at the GSM Arena Information Page on Nokia N97, Click Here...

I have the Image and Information little down. have some alignment Issues with my Table, and I Dont have time to fix that...

Nokia N97

Xperia X1

Dimensions55 x 117 x 16 mm53 x 111 x 17 mm
Onboard Storage32GB512MB with 400MB free
Memory CardUp to 32GBUp to 32GB
Text InputResistive Touch screen with full QWERTYResistive Touch screen with full QWERTY
Screen Size3.5"3.8" with 800px x 480px
Weight150g158 g
Talk TimeUp to 6 hoursUp to 10 hours
Standby TimeUp to 430 hoursUp to 833 hours
Camera5mp with auto focus and duel LED flash3.15mp, autofocus and flash
Video RecordingVGA at 30fpsVGA at 30fps
Push emailYesYes
GPSAssisted GPS with Nokia MapsAssisted GPS
BluetoothYes v2.0 with A2DPYes v2.0 with A2DP

Quickers !!!

- Nokia N97's Massive 32 GB Storage and a SD card with 62 GB, thats make me crazy, but you have extend upto 16GB memory cards in Xperia Too.
- Nokia Gives the Maps with in. but still, u can Install maps for XPeria X1 too.
- I am little disappointed with the Camera in X1, I expected more from Sony Ericsson with respect to Camera.
- The Loudspeaker in X1, mmm grrrr...Need Improvement...
- XPeria's 800x480 makes remote desktop connections realistic for starters...
- XPeria is smaller in size,and its Processor is faster. The Keyboard is too good...
- 3G Games Like xtrak from Sony Ericsson, is much more for a phone, but still, there is 67000 free application to choose.
- In Battery Performance XPeria X1 Wins in my Perspective.

In My Views, Nokia N97 is a Great Phone I have ever seen, but XPeria X1 is a Computer. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Agile Killed CMMi ??

Lets Get it Straigt. I was a part of a CMMi 5 Company in the Past and I am right now practicing agile methods.

Lets be more simple and straigt forward, I feel Agile is going to Kill CMMi Practices as It grows !!!

Once opon a time I was also a part of Lengthy, Boaring, Sleepy CMMi Process Discussions..Which I feel is a dead weastage for skilled manpower in any sort of organization...

You are doing a Project and all you need is the result in Hand...if you are with me in this, u love agile methods...

See this, the Below items are the Goals and Practices for CMM..

Specific Goals and Practices
Generic Goals and Practices

Process Areas
1 Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)
2 Configuration Management (CM)
3 Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)
4 Integrated Project Management +IPPD (IPM)
5 Measurement and Analysis (MA)
6 Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID)
7 Organizational Process Definition +IPPD (OPD)
8 Organizational Process Focus (OPF)
9 Organizational Process Performance (OPP)
10 Organizational Training (OT)
11 Product Integration (PI)
12 Project Monitoring and Control (PMC)
13 Project Planning (PP)
14 Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)
15 Quantitative Project Management (QPM)
16 Requirements Development (RD)
17 Requirements Management (REQM)
18 Risk Management (RSKM)
19 Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)
20 Technical Solution (TS)
21 Validation (VAL)
22 Verification (VER)

An Organization is to satisfy / Achive certain goals and practices to get CMMi Certification and for that they have to make a hell lot of documents, process, metrix bla bla bla. Jesus 'F' Mary. Burrr..Look at the Wikipedia Link for this..

This is a Big Picture of that, Click on this link...

Inside a CMM Discussion room, you waste your Energy, your Organizations Pen, Paper, Electricity and Some Biscuts and Nuts if they provide.

Let me talk about some Agile..

You have a Project to Complete...

You Devided the timeline into spints, teams into scrum..

Each sprint is at the max 4 weeks..

Each Scrum team has 5 to 9 people...

We dont have a team leader here, but We have a Scrum master. he is just a facilitator, rather then a conventional 'team leader' who treats the employees below him as modern day slaves...I m not insane, It happens knew it !!!

Every activity that should be completed will go to the product backlog...(in a Excel sheet may be)

Scrum team will contain people with different skill sets.

Scrum teams will pick up backlog items from the on going sprint..

Scrum teams completes it, shows a demonstration of it at the end of the sprint.

The Manifesto of Agile is below:

Looks Good ?? is it ??..

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love Android (I have to)

For your Info Google captured 85% of Search engine market, yahoo and Microsoft's Bing follows. big companies are eying on multi billion Hand-held market for a long time. monopolys like nokia, Mototorola, samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG are the Five big companies playing around in this market.

for the couple of years people seen the big success of Apple IPhone ( they came up with IPhone 3G now, Its really cool, I am telling you)..

No Surprise, Google into the Mobile Phone Markets, and so far so good.

Do you know how many people developed this Android SDK in Google ? its Just 100 People. I am sure in the future 100 thousand people will be working / earning on Android.

Open Source is another Big Buzz Word for tech's now. they dont want to burn out cash for software's and tools and so on. and also they need to reduce the development cost's using good development tools..

In the Early days, We have one big gainer. for everything people paid to them. thats Microsoft. Now there is google. unlike microsoft, google is people centric. thats the only key for their big success. google's payout for ad-sense is the only example for this.

You might have seen, project teams are started working on Android Kernel and Utility Applications. most of you heard ' linux android' 'google android' 'google mobile operating system' meantime. You will be working now, or you will be working, in android in the future.

There are some Linux Phone Initiatives Like LIMO and there is a Palm's Linux Phone which is really good..Even Nokia / Intel announced One. Have a complete list from this link..

Fact here is, None of the SDK's are open to Public. For example in LIMO, companies that are involved in LIMO development 'only' exposed to the source code. but in Android, everybody can look into the source. modify the source. use it as you like. that's the biggest entry point for the great success of android.

Its got OpenGL, and It got a Nice In Build Media Player, and it got WPA Supplicant, Host Drivers and so On, so it makes developers life easy with in build applications and much stable code.

I used to do some small applications using Sun Java Wireless Toolkit, when I was a developer (in 2002). after become a tester, I did not got any motivation to do mobile applications, but now I am. I had downloaded android and started doing something...

yesterday there was a meeting in my team and Its been announced that we will be moving towards Linux and ARM11 Family Processors and Android :)

So I would like to share with you people...Have a Nice day...!!! Subscribe my Blog for Daily Tech Update..Did u see a button in the top ? which asks you to enter your email id ? if you do so, then it will take u to a page for verification...!!! do verify that you are a human and press submit :)

Some Android Resources:


Nice Video presentation about Android anatomy:

Dalvik java VM video pres.:

Some Linux Resorces:

The official Linux wireless site:
Info about the cfg80211 configuration interface and the mac80211 softMAC which will become the new Linux standard.

Other stuff:

Linux kernel src code browser:
Online Linux driver devel book:
Example src code to above book:
Links to other kernel dev links:

Do Post your comments with your name. its fun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SkyFire on Fire ???


Most of us know, Its how hard (easy) to develop a mobile browser...especially people who had worked in IMode testing, can narrate a good story on that...

As we know, For a Mobile Browser we must have a rendering Engine, which renders HTML, Flash and Images in to the screen and so on, fact remains, its not as simple as tiny it looks.

I came across this SkyFire Browser, ( I have a Opera Mini in my Nokia E71, Symbion OS), and Its really won my heart.

To test its robustness, I did opened a big excel file using google docs, believe me, its really did loaded the document faster then I expected..

I had then watched some videos and so on, yes. its as good as Opera Mini and Apple Safari.

If you have a GPRS Phone and If you are doing still something on the Mobile Browsers, Download this as a test / reference application.

Link to Download it for free :

Its better that We test Our Browser Engine with Opera / Safari / Mozilla Mini and Skyfire.

I will vote for Skyfire !!! Skyfire Rocksszzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!

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I am sure, you will not kick me for my spelling and grammar mistakes hehehe...

But I will keep you updated, don't worry !!! I think this is a nice way to keep in touch with all of you my dear friends..!!!! Take care !!!!

P.S : In Opera Mini, you have to perform small hack to view hindi, telugu, tamil and kannada, malayalam text. I will let you all know in another post...

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