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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Agile Killed CMMi ??

Lets Get it Straigt. I was a part of a CMMi 5 Company in the Past and I am right now practicing agile methods.

Lets be more simple and straigt forward, I feel Agile is going to Kill CMMi Practices as It grows !!!

Once opon a time I was also a part of Lengthy, Boaring, Sleepy CMMi Process Discussions..Which I feel is a dead weastage for skilled manpower in any sort of organization...

You are doing a Project and all you need is the result in Hand...if you are with me in this, u love agile methods...

See this, the Below items are the Goals and Practices for CMM..

Specific Goals and Practices
Generic Goals and Practices

Process Areas
1 Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)
2 Configuration Management (CM)
3 Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)
4 Integrated Project Management +IPPD (IPM)
5 Measurement and Analysis (MA)
6 Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID)
7 Organizational Process Definition +IPPD (OPD)
8 Organizational Process Focus (OPF)
9 Organizational Process Performance (OPP)
10 Organizational Training (OT)
11 Product Integration (PI)
12 Project Monitoring and Control (PMC)
13 Project Planning (PP)
14 Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)
15 Quantitative Project Management (QPM)
16 Requirements Development (RD)
17 Requirements Management (REQM)
18 Risk Management (RSKM)
19 Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)
20 Technical Solution (TS)
21 Validation (VAL)
22 Verification (VER)

An Organization is to satisfy / Achive certain goals and practices to get CMMi Certification and for that they have to make a hell lot of documents, process, metrix bla bla bla. Jesus 'F' Mary. Burrr..Look at the Wikipedia Link for this..

This is a Big Picture of that, Click on this link...

Inside a CMM Discussion room, you waste your Energy, your Organizations Pen, Paper, Electricity and Some Biscuts and Nuts if they provide.

Let me talk about some Agile..

You have a Project to Complete...

You Devided the timeline into spints, teams into scrum..

Each sprint is at the max 4 weeks..

Each Scrum team has 5 to 9 people...

We dont have a team leader here, but We have a Scrum master. he is just a facilitator, rather then a conventional 'team leader' who treats the employees below him as modern day slaves...I m not insane, It happens knew it !!!

Every activity that should be completed will go to the product backlog...(in a Excel sheet may be)

Scrum team will contain people with different skill sets.

Scrum teams will pick up backlog items from the on going sprint..

Scrum teams completes it, shows a demonstration of it at the end of the sprint.

The Manifesto of Agile is below:

Looks Good ?? is it ??..

thanks to Aviruchi, Shashi, Santosh for Subscribing my Blog...I will keep you posted....if you want to get daily updates, please type your id in the top and subscribe..!! Do write your views on this in the below comments section.....

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