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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love Android (I have to)

For your Info Google captured 85% of Search engine market, yahoo and Microsoft's Bing follows. big companies are eying on multi billion Hand-held market for a long time. monopolys like nokia, Mototorola, samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG are the Five big companies playing around in this market.

for the couple of years people seen the big success of Apple IPhone ( they came up with IPhone 3G now, Its really cool, I am telling you)..

No Surprise, Google into the Mobile Phone Markets, and so far so good.

Do you know how many people developed this Android SDK in Google ? its Just 100 People. I am sure in the future 100 thousand people will be working / earning on Android.

Open Source is another Big Buzz Word for tech's now. they dont want to burn out cash for software's and tools and so on. and also they need to reduce the development cost's using good development tools..

In the Early days, We have one big gainer. for everything people paid to them. thats Microsoft. Now there is google. unlike microsoft, google is people centric. thats the only key for their big success. google's payout for ad-sense is the only example for this.

You might have seen, project teams are started working on Android Kernel and Utility Applications. most of you heard ' linux android' 'google android' 'google mobile operating system' meantime. You will be working now, or you will be working, in android in the future.

There are some Linux Phone Initiatives Like LIMO and there is a Palm's Linux Phone which is really good..Even Nokia / Intel announced One. Have a complete list from this link..

Fact here is, None of the SDK's are open to Public. For example in LIMO, companies that are involved in LIMO development 'only' exposed to the source code. but in Android, everybody can look into the source. modify the source. use it as you like. that's the biggest entry point for the great success of android.

Its got OpenGL, and It got a Nice In Build Media Player, and it got WPA Supplicant, Host Drivers and so On, so it makes developers life easy with in build applications and much stable code.

I used to do some small applications using Sun Java Wireless Toolkit, when I was a developer (in 2002). after become a tester, I did not got any motivation to do mobile applications, but now I am. I had downloaded android and started doing something...

yesterday there was a meeting in my team and Its been announced that we will be moving towards Linux and ARM11 Family Processors and Android :)

So I would like to share with you people...Have a Nice day...!!! Subscribe my Blog for Daily Tech Update..Did u see a button in the top ? which asks you to enter your email id ? if you do so, then it will take u to a page for verification...!!! do verify that you are a human and press submit :)

Some Android Resources:


Nice Video presentation about Android anatomy:

Dalvik java VM video pres.:

Some Linux Resorces:

The official Linux wireless site:
Info about the cfg80211 configuration interface and the mac80211 softMAC which will become the new Linux standard.

Other stuff:

Linux kernel src code browser:
Online Linux driver devel book:
Example src code to above book:
Links to other kernel dev links:

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