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Sunday, May 27, 2012


This Script searches for a Name / Username , more examples :

#!/usr/bin/env python

import Skype4Py

print 'Starting...'
# Instatinate Skype object, all further actions are done
# using this object.
skype = Skype4Py.Skype()

# Start Skype if it's not already running.
if not skype.Client.IsRunning:

# Set our application name.
skype.FriendlyName = 'Skype4Py_Example'

# Attach to Skype. This may cause Skype to open a confirmation
# dialog.

# Set up an event handler.
def new_skype_status(status):
    # If Skype is closed and reopened, it informs us about it
    # so we can reattach.
    if status == Skype4Py.apiAttachAvailable:
skype.OnAttachmentStatus = new_skype_status

# Search for users and display their Skype name, full name
# and country.
for user in skype.SearchForUsers('ravindran'):
    print user.Handle, user.FullName, user.Country

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