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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Performance Benchmarking for ARM Mail 400 MP

Moore's Law Claims every two years, the performance should be doubled. so how to do it, if our ref device is ARM Mali ?

Should Touch below Items.

Use SPECviewperf or Any EEMBC Benchmarking Tools
UMP - Unified Memory Provider - For Zero Copy Operations in the Shared Resources tech
Interrupt handling from the Hardware Perspective
Pipeline Efficiency - Can we add 4 more pipes ?
Low Level Memory Management (Main Memory to Memory Card Memory)
Effective MMU Control
Optimization of Integration Driver with Android / Meego etc
Verify Is it Energy Efficient (Power Consumption)
Verify the Efficiency of the Fabric Interconnect
Performance of the Rendering Engine
Parallel rendering & Optimization in Large Data Visualization
Device Driver Optimization
Shader optimization (ex: size of Shaders)
review data structures used to create the frame-buffers
Size of Data sent to GPU (Ex: size of textures )
Check it uses new drivers ( has profiling tool attached)
Environmental conditions in the Lab such as
1.EMI (Electro magnetic Interference)
2.RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)
3.ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
Environment Conditions
Efficiency of the Interface between Geometry processor to Pixel Processor
CPU Load

And Touch these

- Multi threading
- UMA Unified Memory Access
- Efficiency of the Video Processors
- Surface representations and tessellation algorithms

Some Useful Links

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