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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Samsung bada !! Ready to Make Difference !!!

I am Wondering how quickly we can make a difference ! samsung did.

I had downloaded Samsung bada SDK a week ago. Installed the SDK in my Home PC.

Its a Eclipse based bada IDE, and Look and Feel is great, and the Workbench loaded so quickly with the SDK Samples on the right.

I can right click copy a sample into my workspace, I did copied the SimpleTwitter sample, and Started Building and Running it.

Now here you go, my Emulator is UP and My Application is on Display. !!

All the src and includes and Icons and resource files and maifest.xml are so handy.

to give you some more backgroud information, Samsung will ask you to create a unique application profile with a application name from their site, and it issues an application ID and generates a manifest.xml, you can copy that into your workspace, in order to secure your Project name and API Usage.

These is been some Paid APIs are displayed in the samsung dashboard like AMAZON etc.

I recently heard about a Developer Challenge from Samsung, Worth upto 300000 USD.

Make Waves with bada

enter now!

Prize PoolPrize(USD)Winners
The Samsung bada Champion$ 300,0001
Category winners
(Excluding the Samsung bada Champion)
First place$ 100,0007
Second place$ 60,0008
Third place$ 40,0008
Special winners (“The Simplest is the best”, awarded to developers who write small and highly optimized applications)$ 30,00010
The device phase winners
(Excluding the Samsung bada Champion, Category & Special Winners)
$ 8,00056
The simulation phase winnersWave phone300

I dont think we have to Wait for something. Lets start using our Free time into something Worthy !!

Have a Nice time Guys !!!

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